Top 10 beauty brands of Asia


Asia has been highly praised for its skill in developing innovative products which use natural but at times bizarre ingredients. They have unique textures and are known to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. As the biggest global customer of beauty products, Asia has also given rise to some amazing brands including the likes of SKII, Shiseido, Bioré, Innisfree, Kosé, and Sulwhasoo. Emerging brands need recognition to exhibit the potential for success in the future. Twimbit embarked on this research to identify the brands we believe have demonstrated tremendous potential for growth. We hope this list inspires these brands to continue on their strong journey of innovation and growth. Our hope is that, through this list, we will continue to discover new amazing Asian brands that will go on to transform into something bigger.

Selection Criteria

In selecting the top 10 brands, Twimbit wanted to identify brands that not only have a great product line and an impressive brand story, but also demonstrated proof of success.


Measuring criteria:

Twimbit’s Top 10

Brand Positioning

These ten brands have surged due to a shift in consumer preference for natural, effective products. While some brands may have been founded recently, their popularity with the global consumer are not geographically limited.

From the findings, each emerging brand is placed into four categories:

  • The Unstoppable – more than 5 years of establishment with high market presence
  • The Visionary – less than 5 years of establishment with high market presence
  • The Veteran – more than 5 years of establishment with mid-range market presence
  • The Contender – less than 5 years of establishment with low market presence

Here, Twimbit maps the relative position of the qualifying brands according to the below:

X-axis: Years in existence
Y-axis: Market presence
Circles: Social media presence

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