Webinar: Accelerate your digital strategy

Key takeaways

Customer Story: Tele-center
  • 20 year old company with 400 seats
  • Outsourcer for both government agencies and commercial
  • Transitioning to digital – voice & email to chat and social
  • Embraces omnichannel to support digital strategy
Covid-19 Challenge
  • Preparing hardware to support employees going remote
  • Poor voice  quality due to poor broadband in home environment
  • Government agencies work needs strict compliance and data security
The Solution
  • Enhance communication when agents work from home
  • Resolve connectivity and voice quality issues through collaboration with partners
  • Ensure compliance through training and documentation

KPIs: Today vs Tomorrow

  • Speed of Answer
  • Abandon Rate
  • Average Time in Queue
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Speed of Answer for AI and Human Assisted Transactions
  • Hyper Personalisation Real Time Targets
  • Direct Resolutions Handle Time
  • Self Service Utilisation Rate
  • Seamless Customer Experience Satisfaction Ratings

Lessons from Failure

Addressing Digital Anxiety
  • Onboard the frontline agents from the onset (they are the ones working directly with the customers and resolving the issues)
  • Get feedback from people on what is working and what is not
  • Value and use the creativity and empathy of agents
  • Take away the fear factor through education on the value of automation
  • Leverage existing assets such as voice recording data
Justifying the ROI of automation
  • Have clear communication plan
  • Investing in upskilling employees

Lessons from global best practices

The Why
  • Critical to prioritize digital
  • Rapid movement from voice to digital underway
  • Messaging a key driver
  • Digital engagement allows agents to spend more time understanding the customer
  • Digital provides more data, enables personalization
  • Digital customer journeys be as frictionless as voice conversations
  • Moving to digital is easier to automate than voice
The How
Internal Alignment
  • Establishing a clear “Why” and KPI’s makes it easier
  • Prioritise the alignment and strategy first before involving the customer care operations from the staff
  • Train staff to handle digital channels
Automation Strategy
  • Important to start from day 1, but not necessarily with chatbots
  • Routing bots are a good way to start if not ready to embrace full functionality chatbots
  • Higher FCR due to more data from digital interactions
  • Higher agent net productivity due to concurrent interactions
  • Improved sales conversions
  • Increasing automation of digital interactions over time (over 40%)

Employee engagement is key. Get them into the company’s mission and vision, how we want to move forward in our movement to create experiences.

Nicholas Loh
General Manager,

Help enable the human element, because people connect with people and people buy from people.

Jasmine Goh,
Director, Solution Sales,
Intelligent Workplace GTM

Messaging will be the key driver of digital. It will be the fastest growing channel in digital.

Jean Marc,
Director, Digital and Conversational AI, APAC


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