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Negotiating the New Normal

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CX Stories from Dave Chin, Pranay Anand, Tim Dawson, and Jean- Marc

Customer Experience teams were amongst the hardest hit as governments around the world imposed movement control restrictions. Contact centres did not fit the description for essential services and employees were not allowed to come into work. Companies scrambled to deploy new technologies to enable service representatives to work from home and to support the spike in the volume of calls to contact centres. This pandemic has been a catalyst for digital transformation. Twimbit facilitated a dialogue with industry leaders who have been at the forefront of enabling companies achieve this transformation. We bring together 3+1 stories of companies who have led the way in embracing the change and set new benchmarks for the industry. Deflect to digital, Cloud and AI are emerging as the winners of this new normal.

  • Need to securely connect and work remotely
  • Huge spike in demand for secure connectivity – connecting hyperscalers to data centers
  • 20X increase in cybersecurity attacks
  • Demand for collaboration tools to support enterprise and customer interactions
  • Customer service operation challengedConstraints in availability of technology elements (supply chain and logistics challenges)

Case Study: A leading outsourcer for national government in Asia

  • 4X growth in calls from citizens
  • Long wait times for callers
  • Physical offices were closed, need WFH
  • Constantly evolving situation requiring agility
  • Conversational AI embedded into IVR
  • Genesys in partnership with Google
  • Human like conversation with AI agent
  • Roadmap for a richer stronger & personalised experience

Case study: A leading government agency in United States of America

  • 11X growth in customer service requests
  • Long wait times to get response to basic questions
  • Virtual Assistants using chat bot technology
  • Google Voice bot
  • 99% of customer service requests serviced in a timely manner
  • 1 million calls handled in one day at the peak
  • Interactive customer focused self-service environment

Case study: A leading retail company in Asia providing convenience services

  • Current infrastructure unable to support remote working
  • Risks of high revenue loss and shutting down of business
  • Genesys Cloud
  • Rapid rollout of solution in 48 hours
  • Enable front line staff to become customer service representatives
  • Save 1,200 jobs that would have been lost due to closure of business

Cloud – an enabler of the new normal

  • COVID-19 destigmatised security concerns, cloud is only a means of delivery
  • Cloud enables the mechanism to ‘start fast, fail quickly’ – the ability to test and build new applications in a cost-effective manner
  • Enables rapid integration of third-party applications
  • Ability to deploy automation journeys, previously unachievable with on-premise systems


  1. Cloud adoption accelerates – a crucial enabler of innovation and growth
  2. AI – enabler of sustainable business continuity and personalization
  3. Virtual agent is a legitimate new interface for every organisation
  4. Reduce the cost to serve and deliver on these metrics to business owners
  5. Change the customer engagement scores of success
  6. Employee engagement and wellness gains importance and priority

There are some new decisions ahead. Do businesses continue to keep very big contact centres? Or do they let more people work from home part time?

– Dave Chin, Director Solutions Consulting China, Japan & Korea, Genesys

The way we measure productivity will be very different moving forward, the way we set KPIs will be very different. But I think the one thing that doesn’t change is a good customer service.

– Pranay Anand, Senior Director, Intelligent Workplace, NTT Ltd

Customisation is not necessarily about I know everything about you. It could be, I adapt to you.

– Jean-Marc Provost, Director Digital and Conversational AI, APAC, Genesys

This terrible pandemic has given us an opportunity to revisit how we approach things, and what we do and what tools we have at our disposal, and there’s a lot that we can do to make the future look bright.

– Tim Dawson, Partner Solutions Lead, Google Cloud