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6 reports mapping the future of industries in the first half of 2021

The 6 fix

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How are industries evolving and sustaining on the path to recovery?

twimbit analysts shed light on some of the most significant happenings in their respective industries.

From banking to telecom to DX, check out the most sought-after 6 reports of the first half of 2021 from us.

Top 10 APAC telecom service providers to ace growth in 2020

2020 was a tough year for most businesses; few shined with extraordinary growth. For the telecoms industry, it was a testing time. Telcos stood strong by taking the responsibility of keeping businesses and individuals connected as the world pivoted to digital. Challenges were huge. Operators worked towards meeting the increasing bandwidth requirements yet bearing the brunt of the economic downturn. Few managed to balance the outcomes. twimbit’s top 10 APAC telecom service providers to ace growth in 2020 brings out the extraordinary stories of those who demonstrated record growth during the economic slowdown.

Do you want to figure out how telcos generated growth despite the challenge thrown their way in 2020? Follow our link to know more.

Top 10 Malaysian companies to ace CX

Great products do not guarantee success. Understanding customers and their journeys with your brand is the key to winning experiences. In the Malaysian market, this means being able to cater to customers from culturally diverse backgrounds. This particular study strives to understand how Malaysian companies offer great customer experience (CX). Starting with more than 50 brands, the report then streamlined the top 10 companies that are acing CX, benchmarked against the four dimensions of Employee Experience, Digital Experience, Customer Service and Brand Story. Our study also provides three main insights behind the brand’s success.

To find out more, read our report here

Top 10 companies to ace digital transformation 2021

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for the world. As societies embraced the challenge thrown at us by COVID-19, industry verticals like hospitality, travel, automobiles, and others collapsed. We have been talking about the world reaching the tipping point for a major digital shift, and it seems that the virus has just provided us with one. An idea that was taking so much effort for executives to double down upon is now the bedrock of a productive, sustainable, and successful organisation. A crucial point to note here is that digital transformation was never about technology alone. It encompasses technology and focuses largely on devising a new strategy and, ultimately, a new way for you to think about your business, customers, processes, and people. We identified ten companies as global leaders in DX best practices.

If digital transformation is an area you’d like to take a deep dive into, find out more on our link here.

The world’s biggest 5G market: China to touch 500 million 5G subscribers in 2021

There are clear lessons for global operators to note from 5G rollouts in China. The country is ensuring faster adoption of the technology by developing relevant use cases for both consumers and vertical markets. China’s well-rounded approach to 5G hinges on multiple critical factors. A balanced spectrum policy, support from government and regulator to develop local 5G ecosystem, promotion of competition at both infrastructure and service level, and collaboration between operators for optimised infrastructure rollout are some highlights.

Find out more about the 5G report through the link we’ve shared just for you.

The Top 10 CX BPOs to Ace Employee Experience

EX is highly relevant in all companies and industries due to the pervasive mindset of stakeholderism in corporate culture. The Business Roundtable’s new statement on the Purpose of a Corporation signed by 181 CEOs states these companies have one thing in common. They all believe their reason for being is for the benefit of all stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders. Employees as a stakeholder have long been not a critical point but now, their seat at the table is as a critical demographic that needs engagement.

In addition to this general trend, EX is particularly relevant for BPOs due to high turnover rates. Any improvement in employee retention and satisfaction dramatically reduces training costs and increases the value of sunk training costs.

Intrigued? Click on the report’s link to get more definitive insights.

Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarks of India’s Top 13 Neobanks

OurAnalyst team looked at the neo banking environment of India and identified 13 retail consumer-focused neobanks offering exceptional customer experience (CX) throughout the customer journey. The entire customer journey has seven critical digital measures of success for customer growth and engagement. Here are the seven parameters and the winners in each category:

1. Mobile app availability: All of the neobanks listed have mobile apps

2. Ease of account opening: InstantPay, Walrus, FamPay, Fino Payments Bank

3. KYC authentication: Paytm Payments Bank, Airtel Payments Bank

4. Uploading identity documents: Walrus, Finin, Airtel Payments Bank, India Post Payments Bank, Paytm Payments Bank, NSDL Jiffy

5. Time required to activate a bank account: Walrus, Finin, FamPay, Slice

6. Debit card features: Walrus, Finin, Slice, Kotak 811, Digibank, Niyo

7. Innovation in services: Walrus, Finin, Family, Slice

While Indian neobanks are disrupting traditional, fragmented experiences to create integrated user journeys, there is still a long way before one becomes a global unicorn in the neo banking market.

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