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Key takeaways

Customer Story: Tele-center

  • 20 year old company with 400 seats
  • Outsourcer for both government agencies and commercial
  • Transitioning to digital – voice & email to chat and social
  • Embraces omnichannel to support digital strategy

Covid-10 Challenge

  • Preparing hardware to support employees going remote
  • Poor voice quality due to poor broadband in home environment
  • Government agencies work needs strict compliance and data security

The Solution

  • Enhance communication when agents work from home
  • Resolve connectivity and voice quality issues through collaboration with partners
  • Ensure compliance through training and documentation

KPIs: Today vs Tomorrow

  • Speed of Answer
  • Abandon Rate
  • Average Time in Queue
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Speed of Answer for AI and Human Assisted Transaction
  • Hyper Personalisation Real Time Targets
  • Direct Resolutions Handle Time
  • Self Service Utilisation Rate
  • Seamless Customer Experience Satisfaction Ratings

Lessons from Failure

Addressing Digital Anxiety
  • Onboard the frontline agents from the onset (they are the ones working directly with the customers and resolving the issues)
  • Get feedback from people on what is working and what is not
  • Value and use the creativity and empathy of agents
  • Take away the fear factor through education on the value of automation
  • Leverage existing assets such as voice recording data
Justifying the ROI of automation
  • Have clear communication plan
  • Investing in upskilling employees

Lessons from global best practices

The Why
  • Critical to prioritize digital
  • Rapid movement from voice to digital underway
  • Messaging a key driver
  • Digital engagement allows agents to spend more time understanding the customer
  • Digital provides more data, enables personalization
  • Digital customer journeys be as frictionless as voice conversations
  • Moving to digital is easier to automate than voice
The How

Internal Alignment

  • Establishing a clear “Why” and KPI’s make it easier
  • Prioritise the alignment and strategy first before involving the customer care operations from the staff
  • Train staff to handle digital channels

Automation Strategy

  • Important to start from day 1, but not necessarily with chatbots
  • Routing bots are a good way to start if not ready to embrace full functionality chatbots


  • Higher FCR due to more data from digital interactions
  • Higher agent net productivity due to concurrent interactions
  • Improved sales conversions
  • Increasing automation of digital interactions over time (over 40%)

Employee engagement is key. Get them into the company’s mission and vision, how we want to move forward in our movement to create experiences.

– Nicholas Loh, General Manager, Tele-Centre Services PTE. LTD.

Help enable the human element, because people connect with people and people buy from people.

– Jasmine Goh, Director, Solution Sales, Intelligent Workplace GTM

Messaging will be the key driver of digital. It will be the fastest growing channel in digital.

– Jean Marc Provost, Director Digital and Conversational AI, APAC