A complete guide for a differentiated EX in BPO's

What is EX, and why is it so important for BPOs?

Employee Experience (EX) is the sum total of the moments an employee spends at work. It is not a set of repeatable tactics that companies can adopt and apply, but a deeply individual process.

EX is highly important to BPOs because in the current culture of stakeholderism where companies are held socially responsible to all parties they interact with, not just their stock owners and customers, employees demand and deserve the same attention.

Twimbit’s EX Framework

Our framework considers every aspect of an employees working day. Each subcategory must be aced for a competitive employee experience.

Our 22 Actionable Steps

Twimbit’s recommended approach to EX can be broken down to 22 distinct steps, spread out over the subcategories. These steps range from good communication practices to involving employees in societally relevant causes.

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