Everise sets the mercury rising for EX

The Twimbit BPO EX Benchmark


Headquarters Singapore, Singapore
Year of Founding 2016
CEO Sudhir Agarwal
Number of Employees 13,000  
Key EX Awards Stevie Awards, company of the year
Inspiring Workplaces, North America gold award
AI Breakthrough, best AI-based solution for customer service
HR Asia Media, best company to work for Asia 2019 & 2020

Everise is an omnichannel outsourcing agency that crafts business solutions for customer experience, digital experience, and product experience.


At Everise, we know your needs are as unique as your customers, so we work with you to define your ideal support outcomes and then draw from our suite of experience-focused business solutions to craft a winning strategy.


  • Everise celebrates diversity and incubates innovation
  • Everise is powered by women, with 45% women in leadership positions
  • Everise supports working in 32 languages across seven markets
  • Everise University helps employees to benefit from a large pool of knowledge that’s accessible anytime

Employee Experience Objectives

  1. People-first Culture
  2. Crisis-Proof Partnerships
  3. Commitment to elevating experiences for its people and partners
  4. Continue to invest in technologies that allow Everise to incubate innovation and successfully adapt to an ever-changing business landscape


  1. Enterprise-facing social applications help remote employees feel connected to co-workers and supervisors, further reducing attrition and absenteeism
  2. Team meetings are delivered regularly via virtual conference and chat tools. Individual weekly coaching sessions utilizing the same technology make it easy to share screens, chat, and provide high-quality coaching


  1. Everise uses HD video and cloud-based eLearning technologies to slash speed to competency and continually improve its home-based agent skillsets
  2. Engagement meters track overall participation and thoroughly document all interactions
  3. Various digital platforms help maintain a line of communication between management and employees, even during remote work situations

Learning and Development

  1. Everise University
  1. Everise Accelerator Training
  1. Everise Career Development
Diversity and Inclusion
  1. Globally and locally, the Everise experience centers are incredibly diverse and support 47 languages and cultures
  2. Efforts to improve gender diversity have also shown growth: Everise is powered by women, with 64% in leadership positions or higher  
  3. The mature age population contributes to 7.1% of Everise’s workforce
  4. As an equal opportunity employer, Everise workforce consists of more than 1% of people with disabilities

Lessons Learned

  • Based on our research companies that focus on people, do grow more
  • Diversity leads to diversity of thinking, approaches and thus innovation, which leads to growth
  • Putting policies and procedures in place that track and manage this help with accountability
  • The need to have learning and mentoring programs to keep people developing and growing

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