J&J designs EX to make hay


Johnson & Johnson engages in the research and development, manufacture and sale of a range of products in the healthcare field.

  • CEO: Alex Gorsky
  • Mission: Bringing science and sense of sight to life through world-class innovation and customer experience.
  • Revenue USD MM (FY20): $82,059.00
  • Headcount: 132,200
  • Referrals accounted for 4.6k or 15% of the new hires in 2019
  • 46% management roles held by women
  • $98 MM spent with vendor partners on leadership and employee training in 2019
  • Launched a data science academy and digital skills training
  • Piloting an internal opportunity marketplace
  • Launched Re-Ignite, a 4-month paid program to on-board, mentor and train people who take long career breaks get back on track
  • 87% employee approval rating in the annual people survey
EX objectives
  • Respect diversity and recognize merit
  • Provide a sense of purpose and security to all
  • Provide fair compensation and value
  • Don’t inhibit suggestions from employees
  • Just and ethical leadership
Drivers of culture
  • Purpose: Put needs of others before you
  • Shape: Inspire and contribute ideas that challenge thinking
  • Connect: Build relationships based on mutual respect
  • Grow: Self and others to become our best selves

At Johnson & Johnson, our credo defines our responsibility to our employees. By continuing to prioritize inclusion, health, wellbeing and safety, and continuous growth and development, we are fostering a culture where employees feel valued and can deliver the innovations that contribute to our mission of improving health around the world.

– Peter Fasolo, Executive VP, CHRO

Key ratings
  • Total ratings on Glassdoor: 7800
  • Overall rating: 4.1
  • Recommend to friend: 83%
  • CEO approval rating: 94%
  • Adoption, fertility and surrogacy benefits
  • Parental leave & Exceptional child-care
  • Inclusive partner health insurance
  • Two weeks off (one paid) for volunteer work
  • Pet insurance
  • Student loan and college counselling for family
Match-up to J&J!
  • Make your employees feel valued
  • Partner with universities and institutions to coach the next-gen healthcare leaders
  • Build an internal opportunity marketplace to support employee aspirations

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