Mphasis emphasizes a personalized EX

The Twimbit BPO EX Benchmark


Headquarters Bangalore, India
Year of Founding 2000
CEO Nitin Rakesh
Number of Employees 22,239
Revenue 2019 USD1.06 Billion
Key EX Awards Best Company for Diversity 2020, Best Company for Women 2020

Mphasis is a leading IT and ITES solutions provider. The company offers Applications, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Infrastructure services globally through a combination of technology know-how, domain, and process expertise.


  • Be a specialized enterprise at the confluence of people, profit, and planer. Powered by inquisitive minds, we leverage our global talent and innovative blend of services and technology to deliver customer delight.


  • This company included personalizing facets such as:

Employee Experience Objectives

  1. Applying Hyper-Personalization to a diverse workforce
  2. Effectively engage a diverse workforce
  3. Offer a customized recruitment strategy
  4. Personalization of compensation and benefits
  5. Hyper-Personalization of career advancement incentives


  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Talent Next of Mphasis gears itself to ensure that employee competencies are strategically driven, relevant, and a priority to the business, thus developing the company’s competitive edge
  3. A multi-dimensional capability development framework benchmarks current and future technologies on a 3D Index of Skills, Knowledge, and Values


  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Mphasis uses various digital platforms to enhance employee experience
  3. The usage includes platforms that help with communication, onboarding, feedback, etc.

Voice of Employee

  1. The company meets the required baseline

Learning and Development

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Each employee has to attend the Mphasis Learning Academy from the point of hiring
  3. There are three steps included:

The first is the Pre-Employment Program:

The second is the Delivery Readiness Program:

The third is an optional step called the Project Zone:

Social Connection

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
Volunteer Work
  1. Towards the technology-driven community development, Mphasis will specifically focus on the following:
Sustainability Goals
  1. Mphasis commits itself to conserving energy and efficient usage of energy
  2. The company installed lighting energy savers and LED light fixtures, remote operations of AC by a software application, occupancy sensors, and an enthalpy system. It also replaced old Precision Air Conditioners (PACs) with new PACs with environment-friendly R 410 refrigerant at the data center. All these steps are in place to minimize power consumption
  3. One of the Mphasis facilities in Bengaluru has been certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold. This award is by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
Diversity and Inclusion
  1. Mphasis has created a specific advisory council to implement its diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives
  2. Towards creating opportunities for persons with disabilities, Mphasis will specifically focus on the following:

Rewards and Benefits

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Current Mphasis benefits include:

Lessons to be Learned

  • Create a specific advisory council to look into, debate, and enact change for diversity and inclusion
  • Apply Hyper-Personalization to various EX aspects as no two employees have the same background and experiences
  • Have a dedicated training academy that trains all Mphasis employees in the required basics and allow room to personalize their training


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