Nab the Grab EX

About Grab

Grab is a super app that provides transportation, logistics and financial services.

  • CEO: Anthony Tan
  • Mission: To be an everyday app for consumers.
  • Revenue USD MM (FY20): $2,000.00
  • Headcount: 7200
  • 25% increase in internal mobility applications
  • Launched 100+ initiatives to support during the pandemic
  • $40 MM+ committed in partner relief initiatives
  • Tender loving care: GrabFlex program for customized benefits
EX Objectives
  • Foster hunger to make a difference
  • Focus on building teams
  • Say ‘No’ to brilliant jerks. Humility is fundamental.
  • 50-50 weight to appraise performance and culture
  • Promote diversity and inclusion through internal leadership workshops
Drivers of culture
  • Heart: Empathize and create a positive impact on community
  • Humility: Celebrate small wins and withhold judgement
  • Honour: Respect begets respect
  • Hunger: Believe that goals can be achieved through collective effort

Many seasoned engineers and managers, lots to learn. No bureaucracy, flexible working hours, and absolutely no micro management. Everyone is very helpful. “Your problem is my problem” is one of the core principles of the company, and is followed across the company.

– Software Engineer at a US office.

Key ratings
  • Total ratings on Glassdoor: 939
  • Overall rating: 3.8
  • Recommend to friend: 74%
  • CEO approval rating: 87%
  • Stock options & Medical coverage
  • Start fresh: Streamlined on-boarding experience. Access to all tools, and knowledge resources to hit the ground running.
  • Let it germinate: Flexible work environment, open spaces, natural lighting are the core drivers to improve employee productivity.
  • Make room for more: Parent support leave and more to help employees balance work and life
  • Grow and harvest: Learning and development programs
Match-up to Grab!
  • Build a structure that does not allow micro-management
  • Help your people learn to celebrate others
  • Invest in physical spaces to improve productivity

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