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Uncover 2022: SEA Cloud Economy

In this year’s edition of Southeast Asia Cloud Economy, we analysed the key elements that made the economy exciting for providers and users.

SEA Cloud Economy

What is SEA Cloud Economy?

The Southeast Asia Cloud Economy report focuses on the growth and gaps in the public cloud market of 4 leading Southeast Asian countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

It provides insights into adoption trends by industry, and how enterprises leverage the technology to meet their business outcomes.

Nonetheless, with demand comes competition. Thus, the report touches on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers in the region by providing an update on their performance and user perceptions on their relative position in the market.

To close it off, we predict 4 scenarios that are likely to occur in SEA Cloud Economy 2026.

What are some takeaways?

  • Digital Natives made the market in SEA – Digital natives account for 34% of the total public cloud market. Most enterprises and SMBs have yet to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud. Digital natives are the catalyst for growth and adoption.
  • Pandemic shifted digitalization sentiments – Though the pandemic has done more harm than good, slowing down digitalization is not one of them. Government and enterprises alike are starting to realize the answer to business continuity is digitalization. This has shifted the topic from conversation to execution.
  • Talent roadblock to adoption – The biggest challenge in the region is the lack of tech talent. The demand outweighs the supply. Both vendors and governments have put considerable effort into resolving this issue. However, the outcomes today are disproportionation to the needs.

More takeaways can be found in the report.

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