Slack’s EX is anything but


Slack is a digital communications app that helps businesses and people replace e-mail as the standard operating tool at the workplace.

  • Mission: To make people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive.
  • CEO: Stewart Butterfield
  • Revenue USD MM (FY20): $630.42
  • Headcount: 2,045

I want to repeat with a little more emphasis something I already said: don’t stress about work. We got this. Take care of yourselves, take care of your families, be a good partner. It is fine to work irregular or reduced hours. It is fine to take time out when you need it.

– Stewart Butterfield, CEO at Slack addressing employees after COVID breakout.

  • Pledged 1% of equity, time and product to community
  • Partnered with AWS to provide comprehensive workspace solutions
  • Reserved 1.2 million class B stock to support the community
  • ‘Slack for Good’ is committed to democratize the benefits from technology
  • Next Chapter – A program to help formerly incarcerated individuals find skilled, long-term employment in the technology sector
  • Slack for Nonprofits: Slack offers a free or discounted workspace to nonprofits
  • Employee inspired volunteering and donations

Belief and alignment in the company mission comes all the way from the leadership. It really feels like everyone’s working towards the same goals and are willing to make the investments necessary.

– Senior Account Executive at Slack

EX objectives
  • Help find purpose at work
  • Encourage growth as a practice
  • Build a culture of empathy and support
  • Increase representation of underserved people in tech industry
  • Unplug and sign-off
Drivers of culture
  • Empathy
  • Courtesy
  • Craftsmanship
  • Playfulness
  • Thriving together
  • Solidarity

Slack is an amazing company that cares for people and customers. CEO, CTO and all other executives are awesome. They always take care of the employees. Especially during COVID19 crisis, all executives showed a great character, allowed employees to settle down and adjust to the new situation and made sure work-life balance is maintained even when people are always staying at home.

– Senior Software Engineer at Slack

Key ratings
  • Total ratings on Glassdoor: 530
    • Overall rating: 4.8
    • Recommend to friend: 97%
    • CEO approval rating: 98%
  • Annual personal development allowances
  • Monthly stipend – gym, Netflix, etc.
  • Medical, dental and vision for employees + family
  • Mental health and well-being resources
  • Parental and child bonding leaves & child-care assistance
  • Remote work + office-free onboarding
  • Special time off for emergencies
Match-up to Slack!
  • Create a flat organisation to drive agility
  • Include communities and diversity in your financial plan
  • Provide comprehensive and customized benefits

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