Inclusivity the driver of EX at TaskUs

The Twimbit BPO EX Benchmark


Headquarters Santa Monica, US
Year of Founding 2008
CEO Bryce Maddock
Number of Employees 10,000
Revenue 2020 USD.25 Billion
Key EX Awards Best Company Perks & Benefits 2020, Best Company for Diversity 2020

TaskUs is a global outsourcing company. It provides back-office support and customer care solutions to notable brands and disruptive companies worldwide.


  • Empower our people to deliver ridiculously good innovation to the world’s best companies.
    • “Agile + Responsive + Innovative = Refreshing”


  • TaskUs has an impressive 71% referral rate
  • The professional culture at TaskUs is less restricting than most companies, allowing its employees to build lasting relationships and improve teamwork by displaying their individuality
  • TaskUs has employee-led discussions to help foster a better understanding of cultural differences, as well as programs to help overcome unintentional biases in all levels of the company

Employee Experience Objectives


The company meets the required baseline


  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Email Support is one of the most frequently utilized communication sources. It is considered a mission-critical service offering.
  3. One of the primary Email Support benefits is the ongoing thread of communication., The same teammate is not required to answer multiple email communications

Source: Ramped Marketing

Voice of Employee

The company meets the required baseline

Learning and Development

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. TaskUs created a proprietary Learning Management System and distributed it across its campaigns to train and administer new learnings across teams
  3. A Learning Management System (LMS) is software (or a mobile app) that delivers and manages educational programs, certifications, resources, and content to enable learning
  4. LMS provides an intuitive user interface and applies gamification to make the platform enjoyable to users
  5. Learning Management System is required for most employee positions
  6. The design is such that it is easy to track who has completed the program

Social Connection

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
Volunteer Work
  1. Food Forward: A program that encourages employee self-care through healthy eating, caring for others by helping the less fortunate, and by living the company’s core values
  2. Project STARK: COVID-19 Response – Inspired by the Tony Stark “Iron Man” and Pepper Potts’ Stark Relief Foundation, TaskUs launched Project Stark to aid employees and communities affected by the pandemic. TaskUs distributed pooled funds to employees as a one-time financial aid. The company also redirected Food Forward Funds to support frontline health workers, public hospitals, and partner-communities

Sustainability goals

  1. Greener Office: Paperless Initiative
  1. Be the Light: Solar Kit Distribution
  1. Beach Clean Up and Coral Planting

Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Sourcing and social partnerships across all geographics
  1. Employee D&I Resources
  1. Global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  1. Equal Opportunities for All

Rewards and Benefits

The company meets the required baseline

Lessons to be Learned

Match up to TaskUs

  • TaskUs has some efficient diversity and inclusion programs and a project they are currently working on
  • The programs include mandatory training to overcome unconscious bias, employee-led discussion to improve cultural understanding, and equal opportunity programs for disabled people
  • TaskUs also has good programs that help improve social connection
  • It encourages employees to be individualistic while teaching them how to discuss differing beliefs and opinions respectfully. This coaching is important to enhance teamwork and promote diversity and inclusion

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