Progressiveness drives EX at Tata Consultancy Service

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Headquarters Mumbai, India
Year of Founding 1968
CEO Rajesh Gopinathan
Number of Employees 448,000
Revenue 2019 USD22 Billion
Key EX Awards Silver Stevie – Most Innovative Work-From-Home Plan 2020, Silver Stevie – Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion 2020

Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) is an Indian multinational technology company specializing in information technology services and consulting.


  • To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions, and services. To make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with Tata.


  • Plenty of training programs that nurture leadership and allow the company to promote from within
  • TCS is implementing a new and revamped workplace culture that helps promote diversity in organizations to establish inclusive cultures that drive growth
  • TCS has multiple platforms to help enhance and enrich employee experience and engagement
  • TCS has consistently excellent employee experience on a large and global scale

Employee Experience Objectives

  1. To offer employees an effortless and serene experience of an aesthetically beautiful next-gen HRMS interface
  2. This next-gen HRMS must provide a flexible, agile, and intelligent employee experience
  3. Features include:


  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Knome, KnowMax, GEMS: Platforms for social collaboration within the organization, learning, sharing, and for rewards and recognition
  3. Cara: AI-based HR assistant that answers employee questions on HR policies

Source: IIFL Securities


  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Some of the virtual platforms used by TCS to enhance and enrich employee experience engagement are:

Voice of Employee

  • The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  • PULSE: The annual employee engagement and satisfaction survey is the organization’s formal listening forum

Learning and Development

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. iConnect is a highly collaborative tool designed to help employees reach out to senior mentors for guidance on career paths and have face-to-face dialogues about their role and career.
  1. Inspire is the high potential program for mid-level employees. The program helps identify high potentials as early as possible and invests in them continuously. It helps enable accelerated growth and transitions the said employees to leadership roles. Rewards are in place to recognize their efforts and successes.
  2. Talent Review is the process in TCS to assess and review the leadership pool in the organization.
  1. Opportunities is the internal platform to publish niche and critical requirements to the leadership and high potential communities, thereby facilitating talent mobility.
  1. Chatbot to facilitate the mentoring process

Source: IIFL Securities

Social Connection

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
Volunteer Work
  1. TCS runs an effective volunteering program called Purpose4Life, which helps employees contribute towards societal well-being
  2. As part of this initiative, each associate is encouraged to commit 10 hours of volunteer activity every year
  3. Employees are encouraged to form teams and also involve family members in their efforts
  4. The community projects carried out under this program are in the areas of education, health, and the environment
  5. Purpose4life: Forum for volunteering for community projects in the areas of education, health, and environment

Source: IIFL Securities

Sustainability Goals
  1. The company organizes environmental projects in almost every state across the US and Canada
  2. TCS volunteers work with local departments and other environmental organizations to participate in activities such as park clean-ups, where they work to remove invasive plant species and cleaning up local shorelines
Diversity and Inclusion
  1. TCS has in place a plan to revamp workplace culture by integrating inclusion with business strategy, which includes the following steps:
  2. Inclination and aspiration:
  1. Inspiration for performance:
  1. Influencers in success:
  1. Internal value systems:

Rewards and Benefits

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Fit4life: Builds a fraternity of health and fitness conscious employees and creates a culture of fitness
  3. Maitree: Community of TCSers and their families who plan activities that help create a bond among employees and promote work-life balance
  4. TCS Cares: Program aimed at creating robust avenues to build an emotionally strong and mentally resilient workforce

Lessons to be Learned

  • Consider robust virtual platforms for employees to voice their concerns and opinions, display their ideas, and other activities for a holistic and nurturing workplace
  • Revamp the workplace culture for varying styles of different generations
  • Use multiple digital platforms to streamline the EX aspects and processes efficiently
  • Continuously discuss and reevaluate CSR policies to maintain consistency globally

Quotes About TCS

TCS’ progressive and inclusive policies are helping us attract, nurture and retain diverse talent. Our workforce diversity is fuelling the innovation that’s helping our customers succeed in a Business 4.0 world. Equally important is our work to expand access to opportunities for underserved and marginalized groups in the communities where we operate. All this is resulting in superior business outcomes, including best-in-class employee retention and industry-leading revenue growth.

Balaji Ganapathy, Head, Workforce Effectiveness, TCS


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