TDCX heightens the value of human capital with their EX

The Twimbit BPO EX Benchmark


Headquarters  Singapore, Singapore
Year of Founding  1995
CEO  Laurent Junique
Number of Employees  11,334
Revenue 2019  USD.05 Billion
Key EX Awards  Best Employer and Service Provider 2021

 TDCX offers developed programs that are inter-linked yet functions independently, giving clients the freedom of customization to gain more returns.


To assist our partners and our people to achieve higher success through innovative and high-performance solutions.


TDCX has the following competitive advantages:

  • Innovation Capabilities
  • Optimum Performance
  • Continuous Learning
  • Quality Human Capital
  • Modern Campuses across the globe
  • High Growth Digital CX Solutions Provider
  • The company has an 88% employee satisfaction rating
  • 83% of employees have a tertiary education
  • The company has an 18% attrition rate
  • TDCX was certified as ‘A Great Place to Learn’ by the SGP in 2019
  • The company has many initiatives to improve employee experience and morale that include: #BeHappier, #BeKinder, and #BeGreener

Employee Experience Objectives 

  1. BeHappier empowers the company to develop employer branding strategies that resonate with the workforce
  2. Openness and transparency create channels that lead to more face-to-face time with managers
  3. To use a Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM) that measures engagement level in areas of company culture, self, and work as well as the collective thinking, feeling, and actions of the workforce to boost employee engagement


  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. TDCX has a digital communication platform that allows employees to access various features, including those involving communication between management and employees. A comprehensive change management plan drives the said platform.
  3. Some communication features available include:
  1. All HR events are on display on the platform. TDCX gives its employees timely notice so that they may sign up for the events.
  2. Twice a year, the CEO has a session where he connects with many employees to take part in icebreakers, business updates, Q&As and then conducts a poll
  3. ReadySetGrow your competencies is a program where leaders speak with employees about leadership competencies
  4. Continuous Performance Management is a series of seminars to help employees understand the varying intricacies of employee experience, such as boosting morale and other important topics
  5. HR regularly discusses its mission and vision with employees
  6. The roadmap for the future is broken down into yearly and monthly segments and is readily available to all employees


  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. TDCX has a consolidated Digital communication platform that allows them to access various features that include:
  1. The company’s communication platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate
  2. TDCX uses gamification with its communication platform
  3. Immediately after a meeting, a CSAT survey pops up for employees to complete
  4. The current rate of completion for this CSAT survey is around 95%
  5. TDCX has a comprehensive HR Analytics Dashboard with a graphical user interface to monitor a wide range of key HR performance indicators
  6. TDCX has its own Human Resources Information System (HRIS):
    1. FLASH Home, TDFLASH, or SAP SuccessFactors External HRIS tool, which is the central HR platform
    2. FLASH Hire, Digital Hiring Solution (DHS) internal hiring tool leveraging AI
    3. FLASH Card, Flashcard, internal timekeeping tool
    4. FLASH Pay, External tool to manage different payroll in countries
    5. FLASH Claim, Expense Claim System, an internal tool for travel and claim management
    6. FLASH Learn, External Learning Management System
    7. FLASH Coach, Internally developed online coaching tool
    8. FLASH Chat, Internal chat tool
    9. FLASH Pulse, External tool for employee pulse check survey
    10. FLASH Game, External gamification platform

Voice of Employee

  • The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  • TDVoice is the employee satisfaction channel available on the company’s digital communication platform where employees can raise concerns, comments, and questions
  • Employees take part in a daily huddle, townhall, and employee assistance program
  • The company has a yearly survey regarding employee satisfaction
  • For the year 2020, the survey had 8,509 respondents and 8,575 participants, with a completion rate of 99.2%
  • 88% of employees said they were satisfied to be employees of TDCX
  • Employees can attend the CEO Connect panel to voice their concerns, comments, and questions directly to the CEO

Learning and Development 

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. In 2021, a total of 8,405 employees trained at TDCX with a total of 95,173 training hours across the board
  3. Employees at TDCX Singapore have time allocations for learning at TDUniversity. (The company’s in-house learning platform)
  4. There is a 26% increase in learning hours through digitalization
  5. TDCX provides actionable insights for advanced process improvement
  6. Comprehensive virtual onboarding for new employees is available on the digital communication platform
  7. Continuous performance review program and dialogues between employees and managers

Social Connection

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
Volunteer Work

#BeKinder is a program dedicated to various goals:

Sustainability Goals

#BeGreener is a dedicated program for various purposes regarding sustainability:

Diversity and Inclusion
  1. Of 11,334 employees, 4,860 (42.9%) are male and 6,474 (57.1%) are female
  2. #BeHappier is a program dedicated to various goals for people:

Rewards and Benefits 

  1. The company meets the required baseline, plus:
  2. Compensation is 20% above the market average
  3. Allowance for transportation and housing
  4. Wellness programs
  5. Flexible time off
  6. Celebrations and outings
  7. Endless coffee, snacks, and freebies
  8. Campuses are modern with aesthetic workspaces and designed with employees’ preferences in mind. There are various rooms and collaborative spaces to spark new inspiration
  9. Clients help set up bespoke sites that communicate their culture and style
  10. Full payment of salary and benefits from day one, including training and onboarding time
  11. Permanent Term Employment Contract

Lessons to be Learned

  • Have social responsibility goals that employees are passionate about following
  • Have environmentally friendly goals that help promote a green lifestyle at the workplace

Quotes About TDCX

I’m immensely proud of our campuses for exemplifying a core value of TDCX – human capital. Clearly, the leadership across countries share the same belief and take ownership of their role by listening to employees’ sentiments, noting cultural nuances, and keeping abreast of employment trends. These recognitions are a vote of confidence that we are on the right track towards our expansion goals
Laurent Junique, Chief Executive Officer, TDCX


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