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Tokopedia is an online marketplace that allows individuals and business owners in Indonesia to open and maintain their stores for free.

  • CEO: William Tanuwijaya
  • Mission: To democratize commerce through technology.
  • Revenue USD MM (FY20): $800.00
  • Headcount: 4529
  • The sense of purpose is to elevate small businesses in Indonesia
  • Encourages all Nakamas (people) to build products for customers
  • Promote risk taking
  • No COVID induced layoffs or pay cuts
EX objectives
  • Sustain a sense of purpose
  • Lay the cultural foundation for people to thrive
  • Encourage people to try new ideas
  • Provide a solid ground for learning
  • Leaders step up to help others succeed

I see that Tokopedia is a mission-driven company that wants to create a positive impact in Indonesia. Understanding their mission, I felt inspired. “There are a lot of challenges in Tokopedia, but at the same time, there are people with the capability and enthusiasm to tackle this obstacle together.

– Alfredo Setiabudi (Edo), Associate Vice President of Product.

Drivers of culture
  • Customer focus
  • Intrapreneurship mindset
  • Make it happen, make it better

In Tokopedia, all Nakamas are encouraged to pursue whatever their dreams are, and running a business is not an exception. The freedom and support given by Tokopedia will bring you to a point where you are confident enough to fight through any challenges. Simply put, Tokopedia will help you fulfill your purpose.

– Rudy Dalimunthe, VP of Operations

Key ratings
  • Total ratings on Glassdoor: 301
  • Overall rating: 4.3
  • Recommend to friend: 84%
  • CEO approval rating: 97%
  • Leaders step up to help others succeed
  • Personal development workshops
  • Bonus over and above CTC
  • Mental health engagements & tele-health services
  • Open office culture and no cubicles
  • No micro-management
Match-up to Tokopedia!
  • Let employees try new ideas without fear of blame
  • Promote camaraderie over compliance

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