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A comprehensive analysis of employee initiatives in leading telcos

Why EX is the key to future success for telcos

In my view, the workplace has never been a building. It’s the spaces and places that enable our best work. We have lots of choice in this regard. It has taken something like COVID-19 to force through a mindset shift, yet the goals of great businesses have not really changed. We want people to be at their best and deliver their best work. Any option or choice that helps with that is in scope

Ben Whitter, Author and Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute

Since early 2020, telecom providers have put their long-term digital strategies into overdrive. The push has forced them to go all-out on hiring digital talent and re-skilling their current workforce. But with digital talent getting scarcer, telcos face competition from companies across sectors that are recruiting the same technology talent. A biomedical company might now require the same AI specialist as a telecom company, such as Orange or Verizon.

To ensure they remain an attractive place to work, telcos need to expedite the adoption of industry-leading best practices for managing employees and, at the same time, learn how to drive cultural initiatives in a digital-first environment.

This report aims to identify telecom operators who understand, design, and deliver such differentiated employee experiences.

The three questions for designing EX

EX is the outcome of aligning an individual’s journey of changing contexts and aspirations with organisational systems to fulfil them.

The right employee experience is not a set of repeatable tactics that companies can adopt and apply. They are unique for each industry, company and, most of all, for each employee. The journey covers the entire employee life cycle and beyond.

Source: Limeade Institute and Artemis Research

In a world where money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees, focusing on the employee experience is the most promising competitive advantage that organisations can create.

Jacob Morgan, Futurist and Author of The Employee Experience Advantage

Our methodology

The objective was to benchmark and identify the world’s best telecom service providers who are pioneering the way forward to developing great employee experiences. We developed a five-point framework to help set the EX standard for telco companies around the world.

Twimbit’s EX framework

Areas where our telco EX leaders performed well

EX challenges faced by telecom industry


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