Security this week, May 18, 2020

192,000 coronavirus-related cyber-attacks have been discovered per week over the past three weeks

Covid-19 has resulted in an increased amount of cyber attacks

According to Check Point research, security attacks in the previous weeks have increased by 30% with 192,000 coronavirus-related cyber-attacks being discovered per week over the past three weeks. Of these, in addition to Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams appear to be hackers’ new favorites. Of the newly registered domains on Zoom, 1.5% appear to be malicious while another 13% are suspicious. Check Point also reveals that over the past three weeks, almost 20,000 coronavirus related domains have been registered. Of these domains, 17% are malicious or suspicious.

Xiaomi spying on your incognito activities

Private user data is being compromised by Xiaomi.

The preinstalled Mi Browser captures data about what the user may open, which screens they swipe including settings menu and the status bar as well. Servers located across China and Russia receive this user data to better understand his behavior. A security researcher states that this is a big concern for privacy. In response Xiaomi claimed that there were “several inaccuracies and misinterpretations about our process for browser data collection and storage”. Also, such data collection remains enabled even in the incognito mode of the browser. Although, a privacy setting can disable data collection.

Only Cybersecurity jobs at IT firms to remain covid-19 proof

Many employees have lost their jobs due to the ongoinng crisis.

IT companies serving the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector are recruiting more cybersecurity professionals even though there is a freeze on other technology related positions according to staffing firms. Cybersecurity incidents like Unacademy, Zoom, and Cognizant have forced companies to improve their safeguards. Brain Humphies, CEO of Cognizant said, “We are further leveraging our external security experts to help inform and guide our long-term security strategy. Cybersecurity will continue to be a top priority for us in the years ahead.” The demand for cybersecurity personnel has gone up by 15% according to the head of staffing firm TeamLease Digital.

Online learning platform Unacademy hacked, details of 22 million users available for sale

Close to 11 million Unacademy user records were compromised in a hack.

One of the largest online learning platforms of India, Unacademy has recently faced a data breach. This breach put the details of 22 million users available for sale. A cybersecurity firm, Cyble Inc reports that the hacker is offering the database of 21,909,707 records for USD 2,000. The leaked data included usernames, hashed passwords, date joined, email addresses, first and last names, last login date, and account status. Unacademy cofounder and CTO Hemesh Singh confirmed the security breach.

Mastercard sees a 40% YoY increase in contactless payments giving way to more cyber threats

More contactless payments have opened the doors to security threats.

Payment security has faced numerous challenges in trying to tackle the Covid-19 situation with a stark rise in fraudulent transactions and customers experiencing false declines. There has also been a rise in the number of phishing attacks, critical cyber-attacks on transaction channels. In an interview, Vikas Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, South Asia, Mastercard reveals that on average the company faces 200 fraud attempts per minute while preventing $46 Billion in potential customer fraud losses in 2017 and $52 Billion in 2018. Mastercard has seen a 40% YoY jump in contactless payments in the first quarter of this year.


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